Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Dita Loves Fur

This is a drawing I did last year called 'Dita Loves Fur' It was done in WH Smith brand coloured pencils, (WH Smith is a chain bookstore/stationary store for you aussies) They only cost me £6.00 and for some reason are the most incredible colour pencils ever made (I stocked up on 3 boxes just in case they ever stop making them) Anyways the woman in the picture is Dita von Teese a model/dancer. I really like her, her look is very retro, she does wear fur though which i am not against in the slightest (fur can be quite cool when looking back at fashion trends) I just personally find the idea of wearing fur quite ick, Just like taxidermy, I know a farmer who has stuffed rabbits, cats, squirrels, birds even an otter. Gives me the creeps really bad.
I used a headshot from the internet, and added the fox, hand and apple and bird. I like drawing figures and adding in an illustrative tattoo design element. I'm also loving colour right now. I did a series of black and grey portraits of rockstars for friends and have been asked to do a couple more since, but i find it difficult to stick to one style for too long.
I really love Illustration especially in just pencils, you can acheive so many effects and it's very portable, I started drawing this one at Nathans mates house, and finished it in between tattoos the next day (not so easy when working with paint)
More to come soon...

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snowed In

Nathan took this awesome shot of a Squirrel. I love them, they would make cool pets. It's not so bad being snowed in, I've been watching My name is earl all day and when it cleared we ventured outside to take some pictures, I even made a snow was freezing.

Bill Mund